• Bottle 250 ml

Carmine&Bio Carni
Grit with Redstone
Pickstone white/red

Produse Corn

Carot - corn
Energy - corn
Levu - corn
Herba - corn
Succes - corn


Breeding plus
Champion plus
Depurative plus
Gerry plus
Junior plus
Moulting plus
Super widowhood plus
Winter plus

                         • Box with 48 pills

" Intestinal conditioner for racing pigeons"


Particular properties :

DIGESTAL has a triple activity :
1. regulates loss of body fluids and electrolytes,
2. restores the natural intestinal flora,
3. prevents the attachment of pathogenic bacteria on the intestinal walls.

Especially in cases of outbursts of the so-called young pigeon diarrhoea ( adeno-virus ) , it is recommendable to administer DIGESTAL, this in combination with a medication based on conditioned trimethoprim. DIGESTAL is not a medication yet a regulator of intestines, based on natural products. DIGESTAL is composed according to most recent scientific beliefs and contains among others the very therapeutic fructo-oligosaccarides. This new kind of nutritious substances promotes the growth of good bacteria and inhibits that of pathogenic bacteria.

When and how to administer ?

- mix 1 measuring spoon Digestal to 1 kg food which was previously moistened with Versele-Laga's Bio-Extract ( garlic juice ) or Colombine's Form-Oil.
- continue treatment for 4 to 5 days or till symptoms have disappeared.